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New Jersey is a state in the United States ' Mid-Atlantic region. It is a peninsula bordered by New York State on the north and east; the Atlantic Ocean on the east, south and south; the Delaware River and Pennsylvania on the west; and the Delaware Bay and Delaware Bay on the southwest. New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state by region but the 11th-most populous, with 9 million inhabitants as of 2017, making it the most densely populated of the 50 U.S. states with Newark as its largest city. New Jersey lies entirely within New York City and Philadelphia's integrated statistical areas. As of 2017, New Jersey was the second richest state in the U.S. with median household income.

New Jersey has been inhabited for more than 2,800 years by Native Americans, including ancient tribes along the coast like the Lenape. The Dutch and Swedes founded the first European settlements in the state in the early 17th century. The English later took control of the region, calling it New Jersey Province after Sir George Carteret and John Berkeley, Stratton's 1st Baron Berkeley, as the largest of the Channel Islands. New Jersey was the scene of several major battles during the eighteenth-century American Revolutionary War.

The location of New Jersey in the center of the Northeast megalopolis and its extensive transportation system have placed more than one-third of all residents of the United States and many Canadian residents within overnight land distance. Such exposure to consumer revenue has made it possible for seaside resorts such as Atlantic City and the rest of the Jersey Shore, as well as other natural and cultural attractions of the state, to make a significant contribution to the record 111 million tourist visits to New Jersey in 2018, delivering US$ 44.7 billion in tourism revenue, directly supporting 333,860 jobs, maintaining more than 531,000 jobs.

New Jersey is the site of most boardwalks in the U.S., with almost every town and city along the Jersey Shore shore each featuring a boardwalk with various attractions, entertainment, shopping, dining, miniature golf, arcades, water parks with different water rides including water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, etc., and amusement parks with rides and attractions including roller coaster. They've been playing their home games at Newark's Prudential Center since 2007.

New Jersey's economy is multifaceted, but focuses on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, information technology, banking, chemical, telecommunications, food processing, electrical equipment, printing, publishing, and tourism industries. Nursery cattle, horses, vegetables, fruits and nuts, fish and dairy products are the agricultural production of New Jersey. New Jersey is second in blueberry production among states, third in cranberries and spinach, and fourth in bell peppers, peaches, and head lettuce. The government harvests asparagus for the fourth-largest number of acres.

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