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Nevada Brief Info

Nevada is a Western American state. It is bordered on the northwest by Washington, on the northeast by Idaho, on the west by California, on the southeast by Arizona and on the east by Utah. Nevada is America's 7th largest, 32nd most populous, and 9th least densely populated. Nearly three-quarters of the residents in Nevada live in Clark County, which encompasses the metropolitan area of Las Vegas –Paradise, and three of the four largest incorporated cities in the state. The capital of Nevada is the city of Carson.

Due to the importance of silver to its culture and economy, Nevada is officially known as the "Silver State" It is also known as the' Battle Born State' because it gained statehood during the Civil War (the words' Battle Born' also appear on the state flag); as the' Sagebrush State' for the same-named native plant; and as the' Sage-hen State'.

Nevada is known for its libertarian rules. Nevada was by far the least populated state in 1940, with a population of just over 110,000 residents, with less than half of the population of the next least populated state. Legalized gambling and lenient marriage and divorce laws, however, turned Nevada in the 20th century into a big estination. Nevada is the only U.S. state where prostitution is legal, although it is illegal in Clark County (Las Vegas), Washoe County (Reno) and Carson City (which is not within the borders of any county as an independent city). The tourism industry remains the largest employer in Nevada, with mining continuing as a major economic sector: Nevada is the world's fourth-largest gold producer.

Nevada is the United States ' driest territory. It consists mostly of desert and semi-arid climate areas, and in much of the state, with the exception of the Las Vegas Valley, the average daily summer temperature range reaches 40 ° F (22 ° C). Although winters are long and relatively cold in northern Nevada, winter season appears to be short-lived and mild in the southern part of the state. During the year, most areas of Nevada are receiving insufficient rainfall. Some rain falling in the state falls on the Sierra Nevada's lee side (eastern and northeastern slopes).

Clark County is Nevada's most populated county with almost three-fourths of its people. Since the county was established in 1909 from a portion of Lincoln County, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada's most populous city, has been the county seat. It was a part of the territory of Arizona before that. It is estimated that 44 million people visited Clark County in 2014.

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