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Minnesota Brief Info

Minnesota is a community in the United States ' Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northern regions. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd U.S. state from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory on May 11, 1858. The state has many lakes and is known as "Land of 10,000 Lakes" L'…toile du Nord (French: North Star) is his official motto.

State geography consists of western prairies now surrendered to intensive farming; southeastern deciduous forests now partially cleared, farmed, and settled; and the less populated North Woods used for mining, forestry, and recreation.

Immigration from Asia, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, and (to a lesser extent) Latin America has changed the population and culture of Minnesota in recent decades. The economy has diversified considerably, shifting from conventional activities such as farming and extraction of resources to services and finance. Minnesota's living standard index is among the highest in the U.S., and the state is also among the nation's best-educated and wealthiest.

Minnesota has an active amateur and professional sports community program. Tourism, particularly in the Lake area, has become an important industry. What was an industrial area based on mining and forestry has been gradually turned into a holiday destination in the North Country. In addition to traditional interests in hunting and fishing, growing interest in the environment and environmentalism has attracted a large urban audience within the driving range.

Explore Minnesota, as the state's tourism marketing agency, pursues an innovative strategy, combining the state's commitment in tourism with expanded private sector participation. A board of state tourism industry leaders closely links Minnesota Explore with tourism businesses and organizations. Explore the mission of Minnesota is to encourage and promote travel to and from Minnesota State.

Tourism is Minnesota's $15.3 billion industry, and a key sector of the economy of the state. The leisure and hospitality industry, a major tourism services provider, employs more than 270,000 workers, accounting for 11 percent of the private sector employment in Minnesota. Hospitality and recreation also generate 18 percent of sales tax revenue from the government. More than 73 million domestic and international travelers are accepted in Minnesota every year.

In 2014, to raise awareness of Minnesota as a one-of - a-kind Midwest travel destination, Explore Minnesota launched an all-new travel marketing campaign called "Only in Minnesota" The strategic initiative, which includes a new and enhanced website and market scope, is the biggest travel marketing campaign in the history of the state. A new series of advertisements and a solid, user-driven #OnlyinMN social media campaign was well received and engaged tourists, locals, businesses and visitor offices across the state. Explore Minnesota generated 3.5 million trips to Minnesota, and more than $388 million in traveler spending, in the latest evolution of the popular #OnlyinMN campaign. Explore Minnesota engaged through social media with hundreds of thousands of people, exceeding half a million uses of the hashtag campaign as of May 2017. The newly introduced logo reflects Minnesota's diversity, from its bustling downtowns to pristine wilderness, bluffing pine forests, and historic landmarks to modern-day attractions. #OnlyinMN celebrates the inspiring and sometimes unexpected Minnesota vacation experiences that await travelers.

Explore Minnesota unveiled the marketing campaign "Discover Your True North" in 2019, which promotes and enhances #OnlyinMN's award-winning positioning. The "True North" campaign was designed to tell specific stories that distinguish Minnesota as a unique destination for travel and invite people to have real and meaningful experiences around the state. Elements of the initiative will be incorporated on the website of the company, covering social media in Minnesota, local newspapers, and more.

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