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Idaho Brief Info

Idaho is a state in the United States ' northwest region. This covers the east and northeast state of Montana, eastward Wyoming, southward Nevada and Utah, and westward Washington and Oregon. To the north, it shares with the province of British Columbia a small portion of the Canadian border. With a population of approximately 1.7 million and an area of 83,569 square miles (216,440 km2), Idaho is the 14th largest of the 50 U.S. states, the 12th least populous and the 7th least densely populated. Boise is the capital of the state and the largest city.

Idaho is divided into several distinct geographic and climatic zones, forming part of the Pacific Northwest (and the related Cascadia bioregion). The north of the state, the relatively isolated Idaho Panhandle, is closely connected to Eastern Washington with which it shares the Pacific Time Zone–the rest of the state is using the Mountain Time Zone. The south of the state covers the plain of the Snake River (which has the majority of the population and agricultural land). The south-east of the state covers part of the Great Basin. Idaho is quite rugged and has many Rocky Mountains areas. Around 38 percent of Idaho's land is owned by the United States Forest Service, most of which is federal.

Manufacturing, farming, mining, forestry, and tourism are important sectors for the state economy. A number of science and technology companies are either based in Idaho or have factories there, and the state also contains the Idaho National Laboratory, the largest energy department facility in the nation. The agricultural sector of Idaho produces many goods, but the state is best known for its potato crop, which accounts for about one-third of the country's production. The official nickname of the state is the "Gem State" which refers to the natural beauty of Idaho.

In recent years, Idaho has grown its economic base to include science and technology industries as a tourist and agricultural region. Science and technology have become the largest single economic center within the state (over 25 percent of total state income) and are smaller than the combined agriculture, forestry and mining.

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