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Connecticut is the northeastern United States ' most southern state in the New England region. It has the highest per capita income as of the 2010 Census, the Human Development Index (0.962) and the United States ' median household income. It is bordered in the east by Rhode Island, in the north by Massachusetts, in the west by New York, and in the south by Long Island Sound. His capital is Hartford and Bridgeport is his most populous city. It is part of New England, though it is often known as the tri-state area with New York and New Jersey. The state is named for the Connecticut River that bisects the state roughly. The word "Connecticut" is derived from an Algonquian term for "long tidal river" in different anglicized spellings.

The first European settlers in Connecticut were Dutchmen who founded a small, short-lived settlement at the confluence of the Park and Connecticut Rivers called Fort Hoop in Hartford. Half of Connecticut originally formed part of the New Netherlands Dutch colony, which included much of the land between the Connecticut and Delaware Rivers, although the English founded the first major settlements in the 1630s. Thomas Hooker led a group of Massachusetts Bay Colony followers and established the Connecticut Colony; the Saybrook Colony and the New Haven Colony were founded by other Massachusetts colonists. The colonies of Connecticut and New Haven developed Fundamental Order documents, considered America's first constitutions. In 1662, under a royal charter, the three colonies were united, making Connecticut a crown colony. This was one of the Thirteen Colonies that in the American Revolution opposed British rule.

Connecticut is the third smallest state by population, the 29th most populous of the 50 states, and the fourth most densely populated. It is known as the "Constitution Republic" the "Nutmeg State" the "Provisions State" and the "Land of Steady Habits" This affected the creation of the United States federal government (see Connecticut Compromise).

Connecticut River, Thames River, and ports along Long Island Sound have given a strong maritime history to Connecticut that continues today. Also, the state has a long history of hosting the financial services industry, including Hartford insurance companies and Fairfield County hedge funds.

Connecticut's rural areas and small towns in the state's northeast and northwest corners contrast sharply with its industrial towns such as Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven, centered along the New York border coastal highways to New London, then northward to Hartford on the Connecticut River. Most towns in northeastern and northwestern Connecticut center around a green, such as the Litchfield Green, Lebanon Green (the largest in New England), Milford Green (the second largest in New England) and Wethersfield Green (the oldest in the state). Usually near the green stand historical architectural landmarks of New England towns, such as a white church, a colonial meeting house, a colonial tavern or inn, several colonial buildings, and so on, establishing a beautiful historical appearance preserved for both historical preservation and tourism. Over the years, many of the neighborhoods of southern and coastal Connecticut have been developed and restored, and look less historically like typical New England.

A report published on December 7, 2006 by the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism found that the arts, movie, history, and tourism areas created more than $14 billion in economic activity and 170,000 jobs per year. It provides Connecticut residents with $9 billion in personal income and $1.7 billion in state and local taxes. The Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun casino are among the largest employers in the state; both are located in the eastern part of Connecticut on Indian reservations.

Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry sails across Long Island Sound between Bridgeport, Connecticut and Port Jefferson, New York. There is also a ferry service from New London to the North, New York; Fishers Island, New York; and Block Island, Rhode Island, popular tourist destinations. The Rocky Hill–Glastonbury Ferry and the Chester–Hadlyme Ferry across the Connecticut River are run by small local services.

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